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Now you are ready to have a look at a few questions related to Driving and the Highway Code.
These are not exactly the same as The Theory Test, (check out my Theory Test Study Page for the real deal),  as they are not multiple choice. They will however give you an idea of the type of question that you will encounter when you do sit the actual test.
Remember that with the multiple choice format, the answer will be in front of you....
Please do not be too concerned if you do not do quite as well as you may have expected. The answers to these questions will be very natural and obvious once you have started driving lessons with me, and have begun your Theory study for real.
We will include various questions on your driving sessions each time. They may involve the winter driving and motorway driving too.
If you have any questions please contact me, or come and see me at my next Basingstoke event day.
Seasonal discounts may be on offer.
Ok, lets see how you do.........
Remember to cover the right hand side column first....
Scroll down now.....
what is the name of the left pedal in the car ?
the warning sign for men at work is mentioned in your theory test study, and covered on your driving lessons.what is the meaning of a triangular road sign ?
which forward gear in the car is the most powerful ?
coloured road studs identify various areas of the road at night. they are in your highway code.where would you find the green reflective road studs ?   
when would you be expected to use the hand brake ?
how should the mirrors in the car be used prior to making a turn ?
the significance of road markings is covered during your driving lessons.what are you expected to do at these road markings ?     
What is the general road speed limit in a built up residential area ? 
when would it be ok to pass another vehicle on the left hand side ?
how is the safest way to apply the foot brake ?

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the left pedal in the car is the clutch
a tringular road sign is a warning sign
first gear is the most powerful,but can only be used at low speeds
green studs are at the entrance and exit of a road
the hand brake would be used when the car has stopped
use the mirrors as a pair. Center mirror then the relevant side mirror
these lines are give way lines, unless the road is clear 
the speed limit would be 30mph unless otherwise stated
you can pass on the left in a one way street
use the foot brake smoothly and progressively
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