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me and my new Ford teaching vehicle. A great car for Driving Lessons in Basingstoke
Hi, My name is David, I am your local 'AA' franchised Driving Instructor.
I cover Basingstoke and it's local surrounding areas. I use a manual Ford Focus as my teaching vehicle.
I have 24 years experience in Driving Instruction, and Driving Instructor Training ,
both for the A.D.I Part 2 & Part 3 Exams.
(13yrs in the Basingstoke area).
I am a qualified advanced driver and hold the certificates from four different governing bodies.
I am also registered to conduct the 'Hampshire County Council Pass Plus' drivers scheme.
I offer a wide range of driving sessions to suit everybody's needs.
Whether starting from scratch or developing existing skills.

As a qualified Driving Instructor, I teach Driving as a skill for life, not just to pass a test.
I believe that everybody can learn to drive, you just need the right Driving Instructor.
If you are lucky enough to have access to a family car, or your own car, for private practice, when you feel confident (as well as your structured sessions with me), then there is a special agreement with Collingwood Insurance for discounted quotes. 
Go to  http://www.theAA.com/car-insurance/learner-driver-insurance  Check for their Special Offers.
With a little pre-planning by yourself, and with my guidance, we will make a good team, and as a result you can rapidly improve your progress.
Just remember that as with everything that you set out to achieve, learning to drive is no different.
If you 'fail to prepare' , then you must also 'prepare to fail'  !!!
The more time that you allow for all of your driving theory study, the easier you may find the practical side.

Please be prepared to allow some time to reflect on your  progress between lessons, to help you to continue your development on the next drive.

There is now a far more added importance to the understanding of the topic, rather than just remembering facts.
I will gladly get any AA study books that you wish to buy, on your behalf. You will only be asked to pay the cover price, I will not charge any additional amounts. I will also deliver them to you in advance of your first lesson, if you so wish.
There may be a seasonal discount on study material, or Special Offers.
By combining the practical and the theory of driving at the same time, will help you to develop your skills sooner.
good foundations early on will benefit you later. this will develop as your driving lessons progress.I will structure your learning in a very logical and methodical way, that will give you a solid foundation to build upon. The theory test also breaks things down in to easy to understand sections.
Help can be given to you on the day of your theory test if needed. To find out more please go to http://www.dsa.gov.uk
Everybody learns new skills at a different pace. Some may take a short while , and others a bit longer. This does not reflect badly on you in any way if you happen to take a little longer to master a skill.
The final result and the confidence to deliver that result comes from the quality of your learning time, and not the quantity.
It is important that you feel comfortable and confident with the Driving Instructor that you choose.
It is not just the ability to learn individual skills, but to have the experience and confidence to apply them in a constantly changing and developing environment.
We will drive on roads outside of the Basingstoke area also.
Just as dogs can learn tricks and dolphins can jump through hoops, humans can turn wheels and press pedals. I will help you to "turn and press" at the correct times and with the correct pressures applied,and with full a understanding  of your actions.
It may require anything from 10 to 45+ hours of professional guidance to be ready to present yourself for the practical test.

There is no exact science to decide how much time any individual may need, as no two people learn or develop at the same rate.
You could be one of the lucky one's that has a natural flair for driving, or you could be like the rest of us and have to work at it.

It is the job of your Driving Instructor to adapt their teaching technique to suit your learning style, not the other way round.  

If you are outside of my regular area, and prepared to meet me in Basingstoke, then a price discount could be agreed. 

getting a provisional car licence is an exciting time. now you are a student driver. you can start your driving lessons now and move on to pass plus and winter driving at a later date,The first thing that you will require is a Provisional Licence.   About 4 months before you want to start to drive is an ideal time to apply for this, although you can not start to drive on the roads until you are 17.
There is no reason why you can not start studying for your theory test before your birthday and you could take it on the day.
 For those of you that need a provisional licence, I can supply the application form (D1), either by post, or by dropping one into you if you are local.
I will also gladly book your theory or practical tests on your behalf if you wish, when the time comes, to take the hassel out of it for you, as it can be a bit time consuming.
I do not charge any administration fee for this, however you can also do the bookings yourself. Go to  www.dsa.gov.uk  for more information.
Please be aware that there are various other web sites that do charge a very high fee to book tests for you. They are exploiting your trust and taking your money at the same time. If you are in doubt , then please confirm with me first.
If you book your first  Driving Session with me to take place on your 17th birthday, you will  receive a Free 1 hour lesson on your test day as a bonus. (not applicable with another AA discount)
Before you do book any Driving Lessons I would recommend that you consider having an eye sight test, if you have not had one recently, as you will be asked to read a number plate from a distance of 20.5 meters  for the old style, and 20 meters for the new style, (about 5 car lengths), or maybe 7 for a Smart Car !. 
All my driving sessions are conducted on a 'One to One' basis, and can start and finish at a convienient location for you. I will put you at ease from the start, as most people do have some nerves prior to their first driving lesson.
It is my job as your Driving Instructor to prepare you for your test in the shortest time that suits your learning ability. I will not present you for a practical test untill we both feel that you are as best prepared as possible.
I will spend time with you to assist with any theory test study that you may need,( go to my Theory Test Study Page) , and to clear up any questions that you may have regarding the theory test questions or the hazard perception part of the test. You may have some basic understanding of the Highway Code already.
We will also cover the element of eco-friendly/eco-safe driving.
You will develop a good understanding for good fuel consumption.
You will also develop a natural skill for 'effective' observations.
To test yourself why not try my Quick Quiz page , you could be pleasantly surprised with the result.(if the result is not so good, don't worry, we will work on that together). 
driving test examiners are not as bad as every body expects. you will get the confidence to not be worried during your driving lessons.The tales of examiners having an off day, being grumpy, or that they can only pass a certain amount of candidates is totaly false. A good, safe drive on the day will result in a pass. I will spend as much time as you need to explain fully how the marking structure for the practical test works.

When you are ready and confident, you will be  able to pass a test in any town, not just Basingstoke. 

I frequently conduct both Motorway sessions and refresher sessions, to improve the confidence of qualified drivers.
You can also see that I run a driving in winter session for those of you that are naturally apprehensive of these conditions.
dealing correctly with an emergency vehicl on the road is very important so that we do not hinder their progress. your driving lessons will cover these situations.Dealing with emergency vehicles on the road, in a safe and responsible manner is vitaly important.The role of these highly trained drivers is a necessity to all of our safety.
To see more about how to deal with a fire engine , or ambulance in your rear view mirror, please check out  http://www.bluelightaware.org.uk   
We have Fire, Police and Ambulance stations in Basingstoke.
Risk awareness sessions are available for the 'high mileage' driver.
two wheels are move vunerable. we will look out for bikes on all of your driving lessons.I offer a discount to full motorcycle licence holders that would like to add a car licence to their wallet, as I have a full bike licence myself, and over 25yrs experience on two wheels.
If you have passed a theory test for your motorcycle licence prior to Feb 2001, then you may not need to take another. Check with the DSA to confirm. 
All sessions are at an affordable prices and tailored to the individual.
You will have full access to the AA's web site and online theory training, via a passcode that will be issued once you start your lessons, or look at my 'Theory Test Study ' page and register,  for FREE, now, before you start your driving lessons, plus the assurance that I have the backup and resources provided by the countrys biggest driving school.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
Please check out my prices page for special offers and discounts.
You can also come and see me at my next event day. Please see my blog for dates.
Basingstoke and Hampshire Driving Lessons
Qualified Driving Instructor
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