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me and my new Ford teaching vehicle. A great car for Driving Lessons in Basingstoke

My name is David,
I am your local 'AA' franchised Grade "A" Qualified Driving Instructor.

Welcome to Hampshire Driving Lessons.

I offer Basingstoke based Manual Driving Lessons in and around the local surrounding area.
I use a Manual Ford Focus as my teaching vehicle, and have over 25 years experience in Driving instruction and ADI instruction for both parts 2 and 3 Instructor Exams.
As a qualified driver,I hold the certificates from four different governing bodies.
I am also registered to conduct the Hampshire County Council Pass Plus Drivers Scheme.
I have previously conducted the on-road sessions for the Government Driver Awareness Course.

I offer a range of courses to suit everybody's needs.
Whether starting from scratch or developing existing skills,  as a qualified Driving Instructor, I teach Driving as a skill for life, not just to pass a test.
I believe that everybody can learn to drive,you just need the right instructor.
If you are lucky enough to have access to a family car, or your own car, for additional private practice, this can improve your confidence  and reduce your learning time.
With a little pre-planning by yourself, and with my guidance, we will make a good team, and as a result you can rapidly improve your progress.
The more time you allow for theory study, the easier you may find the practical sessions.

Understanding the various aspects of driving is as important as being able to do it.Be prepared to allow time between lesons to reflect on your progress as this will help your development for next time.

good foundations early on will benefit you later. this will develop as your driving lessons progress.I will structure your learning in a logical and methodical way to give you a solid foundation.
Dictated help can be given to you on the day of your theory test if needed. To find out more please go to http://www.dsa.gov.uk.

Everybody learns new skills at a different pace.
Some may take a short while, and others a little longer.This does not reflect badly on you if one particular task proves to be a bit tricky to master.
The final result and the confidence to deliver that comes from the quality of your learning, not the quantity.
The ability to adapt your skills to the constantly changing and developing environment will greatly improve with experience.
We will drive on roads outside of the Basingstoke area also.

There is no exact science to decide how long it may take any individual to master the skills of driving. You may be one of the lucky ones that has a natural flair for driving, or you could be like the rest of us, and have to work at it.
It is my job as your Driving Instructor to adapt my teaching technique to suit your learning style, not for you to adapt to me.

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